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JCS Business Software Solutions is a small independent Canadian software development company founded in 1990 by John Cookson and based in Nobleton, Ontario. In addition to IT consulting services, we offer an integrated suite of business applications specifically tailored for the Canadian marketplace and designed for use in Retail/Wholesale distribution orientated businesses. Our flagship product is well suited for use in small to mid-sized companies with annual sales revenues in the range of $5m- $100m.

John's background includes many years working in Corporate Information Technology, both in Canada and the United Kingdom. Past employers include companies boasting annual revenues between 10 million and 5 billion dollars.

Having already been involved in multiple business software implementations within a diverse group of distribution orientated companies and operating subsidiaries, John joined the Canadian subsidiary of a well known American equipment/consumable sales and service vendor operating in the graphic arts industry. The first JCS implementation took place here and gave the business a modern technology solution which also circumvented the fast approaching Year 2000 problem.

Since this time, we have improved upon the original software and now offer it to a wider business audience. The second generation JCS business software suite was made available in a limited rollout during June 2009. Current active projects involve development of JCS-G which brings the alternative of a Graphical User Interface into the product portfolio. JCS-G is not expected to make its debut until sometime during 2012.