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The JCS Accounts Payable system is designed to provide full control over payables for small and medium sized businesses. Flexibility in payment selection and extensive reporting capabilities make this a valuable tool for management and accounting personnel.

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Summary of Features

  • Fully integrated with the JCS General Ledger system
  • Batched entry of Invoices, Credit notes and manually prepared Cheques, permit you to add, delete, or list and review transactions before they are updated to vendor accounts. Extensive on-line validation is performed during data entry, including checks for duplicate vendor invoice numbers. A full audit trail is produced automatically when a batch is finally updated
  • Invoice due dates, discount dates and discount amounts are calculated automatically from vendor payment terms, or they may be manually specified at the time of entry. This information can also be modified after the batch has been updated
  • Standard G/L accounts may be changed before batch updates and cheque runs are processed to facilitate the needs of businesses using multiple A/P, Cash and Discount accounts
  • Invoice expense distributions are unlimited for all practical purposes. These distributions may be entered individually or distributed automatically by percentage to groups of predefined General Ledger accounts
  • Open A/P transactions may be displayed using an on-screen vendor account inquiry
  • Multi-tiered payment selections can be made for automatic cheque printing using combinations of vendor ranges, invoice number ranges, due dates and discount date ranges. These selections may be confirmed prior to cheque and remittance printing through the use of a recommended payments listing. Note that each payment run phase operates in a "Failsafe" manner permitting repeated execution of your current payment selection, cheque printing and remittance printing session. Final updates are not performed until you indicate satisfaction with the end results.
  • Cheque formatting is compliant with guidelines established by The Canadian Payments Association
  • Individual vendors and/or invoices may be placed on payment hold
  • Manually prepared cheques may be entered and applied to existing open invoices. Alternatively, where no open invoices have been recorded, manual payments may be entered directly together with expense distribution details
  • Facilities are provided to enter void and miscellaneous cheques
  • Full cheque reconciliation is supported, including reports for both reconciled and unreconciled cheques
  • Many standard reports are available including a Cheque register, A/P ageing report, Vendor lists, Purchase analysis by vendor and listings of vendors/invoices on payment hold
  • Displayed defaults are employed extensively to enhance keyboard productivity and to make your use of the system as simple as possible