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The JCS Accounts receivable system is designed to provide full control over billing and cash collection activities for the small to medium sized business. Flexibility in data entry and comprehensive audit trails make this a valuable tool for management and accounting personnel.

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Summary of Features

  • Fully integrated with the JCS General Ledger system
  • Full integration with the JCS Sales Order Processing & Billing and Rental & Service Billing modules
  • This module supports the use of multiple profit centres
  • Provides for automatic receivables updating of Invoices and Credit notes from all integrated billing modules, plus batched entry of Payments/Cash and Journal debit/credit adjustments. Invoices and Credit notes can also be entered directly under batch control in cases where billing integration is not required, this permits you to add, delete, or list and review transactions before they are updated to customer accounts. Extensive on-line validation is performed during the data entry process, including checks for duplicate customer invoice numbers etc. A full audit trail is produced automatically when a batch is finally updated
  • Default General Ledger accounts may be set up for each business profit centre supporting A/R, Sales, Delivery, Discounts allowed, Sales taxes and Miscellaneous charges. These defaults are subject to manual override from within all data entry routines. When integration with JCS Billing and Inventory Control modules is deployed, then complex automation of interface relationships becomes possible with regard to General Ledger accounts
  • Open item accounting is fully supported and payments may be applied to invoices on-line, either manually or automatically by customer account. Partial payment applications are permitted in both modes
  • Customer accounts may be placed on payment hold or COD status and customer credit limits are used for effective billing management
  • A/R transactions may be displayed using an on-screen customer account inquiry
  • Customer account statements can be suppressed individually or printed at varying intervals using flexible cycle codes associated with individual customer accounts
  • Many standard reports are available including Customer lists and A/R ageing reports