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Database Administration Overview

The Database administration module is designed to permit a designated responsible individual to manage system access and security via simple but effective password controls. A number of file manipulation utilities are also included in this module for use by the system administrator. These file manipulation utilities are not normally required in regular system operations and individuals without advanced knowledge are discouraged from using them.

DA Menu

Summary of Features

  • Facilities to add, delete or otherwise manipulate individual user passwords at the menu item level
  • Print a complete program access listing, sequenced by user password
  • Facilities to undertake mass password setup, replication and removal for old and new users
  • File initialization utility
  • Data dictionary maintenance utility
  • File maintenance utility (Create, delete or change records)
  • Facilities to distribute data files accross combinations of multiple disk drives/directories
  • Facilities to export the contents of any JCS data file to a Comma or Tab delimited text format for subsequent use in popular desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel and Access