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General Ledger Overview

The JCS General Ledger system is designed to provide flexibility in the generation of financial statements and to handle the other G/L accounting needs of small to medium sized businesses. All programs are interactive and menu driven so that learning time is reduced to a minimum.

GL Menu

Summary of Features

  • 12 or 13 user defined accounting periods
  • Full integration with other JCS business modules including Sales Order Processing and Billing, Rental and Service Billing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control
  • All accounting periods within a financial year can be open simultaneously including 3 periods into the next financial year
  • Account identification which permits a four character alphanumeric main account followed by a three character alphanumeric department/profit centre
  • Batched entry and posting of G/L transactions which permits you to list, review and change transactions prior to updating the General Ledger
  • Standard reports such as the detailed G/L transaction listing and trial balance which include current month and year to date figures
  • Comprehensive, user defined financial statements which include provision for budgets, prior year comparatives and ratios
  • Automatic reversing entries (Accrual reversals)
  • Recurring entries which can be set up just once and posted automatically to as many periods as needed
  • Non-postable G/L accounts may be defined for automatic routing of journal entry distributions by percentage to other postable G/L accounts
  • Accounts may be defined for automatic generation of counterbalancing entries
  • On screen account inquiry
  • Automatic interfacing from companion modules such as Accounts payable, Accounts receivable and Inventory control etc.
  • Account identifications (Account numbers) may be changed easily without loss of data or account integrity, even after you have been using the system for several months
  • G/L account number substitutions can be defined and automatically cross referenced for deployment when interfacing G/L transactions from other integrated JCS modules
  • Displayed defaults are employed extensively to enhance keyboard productivity and to make your use of the system as simple as possible