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Write-off Management Overview

The write-off management module is designed to process and account for many kinds of inventory write-offs. It functionally supplements the JCS Inventory control, Service management and Accounting modules, yielding a tightly integrated system. Some examples of inventory write-offs would include :-

  • Inventory written off against customer warranty programs
  • Inventory written off against customer service contracts
  • Inventory written off for sales demo, training and promotions
  • Inventory written off for refurbishment or testing purposes
  • Inventory written off for internal office or plant consumption

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Summary of Features

  • Full parameter driven control over permissable write-off categories
  • Full integration with the JCS Inventory Control and General Ledger modules including automatic stock level adjustments. All write-off activities can be interfaced automatically to the General Ledger module
  • A fully detailed write-off history is maintained with user controlled date driven purge capability
  • Integration with the JCS Service management module permits tracking of costs and item details for inventories written off against parts included service contracts
  • Full product cross referencing to external vendor product numbers is supported
  • Accounting reports covering all write-offs processed at both the detail and summary levels