Just exactly how old and deaf are you ? Find out if you are ahead of the game here using these (Mosquito ringtones)

The best 3D videos that I have seen yet on a Windows PC. Check out this 3D video player, grab a cheap cardboard pair of red/blue 3D glasses and download some of the stunning three dimensional video content available from this linked site



















Maple Leaf



As well as providing links to relevant sites, we also include links to sites covering topics of general technology interest and sites which (in our opinion) carry unusual or interesting content.

OpenVMS related sites

OpenVMS SwooshAll things OpenVMS courtesy of Ian Miller (Openvms.org)

HP OpenVMS news (Whats new at HP in the world of OpenVMS)

Hoffman Labs (OpenVMS legend Stephen Hoffman)

The OpenVMS Hobbyist portal (Home of HobbyistOne)


Technology related sites

A Laptop ComputerThe ultimate all-in-one technology news site (dailyrotation)

iIf you love gadgets take a look at (Gizmodo.com)

Need a digital camera - Dave can help (Dave's picks)

Test the speed of your Internet connection (Speedtest.net)

Science news - Get your daily fix at (Science Daily)


Other sites recommended for a visit

Top quality news, current and not so current events (The Atlantic Magazine Online)

Get a different British slant on the news here (Spiked online)

On the other hand, you may prefer an American flavour over at (Reason Magazine)

Don't be taken in by their numbers - Visit John Brignell to get the straight goods (Numberwatch)

Need a property in Portugal - A shameless plug for my sister's web site (Portugal Houses Direct)


Unusual, interesting or just plain silly sites

Write your own Epitaph (here). You can also do receipts and road signs..

Pearls of wisdom from the great ones (Quotations) or try these (More Quotations)

What time is it really ? (Find out here)

An interesting cerebral mixture of psychology and finance at (Simoleonsense)

Population statistics by country with demographics (US Census Bureau)

Printable paper rulers - surprisingly useful (Get em here)