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Sales Order Processing & Billing Overview

Sales order processing and billing functionally supplements the JCS inventory control and accounting modules, yielding a tightly integrated system for sales order management and billing control. It is particularly well suited to the needs of distribution orientated companies.

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Summary of Features

  • Online entry of sales orders and credit notes with automatic stock adjustment for items subject to computerised inventory control
  • Online sales quotations
  • Supports multiple billing centres and multiple stocking warehouses
  • Supports future orders, "ship in full only" orders and orders which permit partial shipments
  • Orders may be entered to generate invoices and credit notes directly, or to provide verifiable shipping orders for items which are subject to computerized inventory control
  • Individual shipping orders may be printed in real time or as pro forma documents. Batched printing is also available at the end of a work period, or in real time for batches of pro forma documents.
  • Different bill to/ship to customers are permitted as is the use of a one time shipping address
  • Customer data may be accessed by account number, partial name or telephone number. Even more powerful customer search capabilities are available within the Sales Analysis module
  • Customer credit checks are automatically performed online during sales order entry
  • Processing, release and allocation of inventories to backorders and future orders is fully supported
  • Order entry routines directly support the entry of serial numbered items
  • Order entry routines handle cross referencing of external vendor product codes
  • Order entry routines identify and handle product substitutions
  • Order line pricing and costing may be handled automatically with full manual override during order entry. Several automated pricing schemes are available and some of these can be utilised in combination :-
    Up to six different list prices may be used for each product, facilitating the subsequent assignment of a specific price list to individual customer accounts
  • A supplementary compounding list price sales discount may be specified for individual customer accounts
  • Contract pricing may be set up for specific customer account/item combinations
  • Contract price discounts may be set up for entire product groups or subgroups
  • Up to seven quantity price breaks may be specified for each product
    Canadian G.S.T./H.S.T. and Provincial Sales Taxes are computed automatically with full provision to handle product exceptions and customer exemptions
  • Printed Invoices and Credit notes can be generated at the end of a work period. Online printing of Invoices and Credit notes as pro forma documents is also supported within this module
  • Complex relationships may be set up to handle automatic interfacing of accounting data to the General Ledger module for Sales, Cost of goods sold, Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Taxes
  • Critical billing data can be viewed via on-screen inquiry for Invoice and Credit note transactions, showing customer details, products, pricing and item serial numbers where applicable
  • Many reports are available to review orders and to examine fulfillment performance. These reports permit you to monitor and control all day to day sales order processing and billing activities. Examples include a Billing register, Open and fillable order listings and Backorder listings sequenced both by customer and product code