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JCS applications typically run on a single HP OpenVMS Integrity server located within your premises and connected to your local TCP/IP network. (JCS is also available as an off-premise solution). All JCS software is designed for simultaneous access by muliple concurrent users and is capable of supporting anywhere from two to upwards of a hundred users each running multiple JCS application sessions.

Access to JCS applications is handled by the installation of a single "Telnet client" application on each user's Windows desktop or laptop computer. Because all JCS applications and data reside on a single centrally located OpenVMS server, it is not necessary to install and maintain any other application specific software on the user side. JCS applications can be accessed from any windows PC on your local TCP/IP network, or from anywhere in the world where you can get access to a wired, wireless or dialup Internet connection. Performance remains "stunning" over even the most pedestrian dialup internet connection

JCS effortlessly handles all of your local and remote printing needs. JCS applications can generate documents and reports in Adobe PDF format directly to your desktop. The resultant electronic documents can then either be immediately printed using any nearby network or attached printer, or saved to the hard drive on you Windows PC for later action.


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Employee confusion is eliminated and training time is reduced with our easy to learn and easy to use menu driven user interface. Office productivity is also enhanced through the use of keyboard shortcuts which deliver immediate "Right Now" access to individual applications.

There is nothing more frustrating for employees than having to use business applications which perform slowly or sluggishly. JCS applications offer unprecedented performance in this respect with blistering speed and responsiveness. Upwards of a hundred concurrent users are accommodated effortlessly using even the smallest enterprise class 64 bit HP Integrity server.

Business task priorities can always be perfectly balanced and adjusted. Having simultaneous windowed access to multiple applications (or multiple instances of the same application) is no problem using JCS and means users can instantly switch back and forth between several different concurrently active tasks.


JCS applications evolve naturally and predictably in the same way your business does. Our solutions use classic proven software technology from HP and we feel confident this technology will be around for a long time. This is in sharp contrast to the recent trend of deploying "Flavour of the month" software technologies which although fashionable, are rarely around long enough to become stabilised. Most of these technologies follow a repeating pattern of patches and updates which frequently "break" your existing applications, forcing unwanted upgrade cycles and then are all too readily abandoned prematurely in favour of "next wave" fad offerings.


OpenVMS is widely considered to be the finest, most reliable operating system available in the world today. OpenVMS was conceived as a serious multitasking, multi-user operating system. It's file systems were designed from the ground up for sharing and concurrent mult-user access. In this way, it is not at all like Microsoft Windows and does not share the management complexity, instability and other limitations of this platform. With OpenVMS you just "Set it and forget it".

JCS business applications run on all three generations of the OpenVMS server platform which include the older 32 bit VAX, plus the advanced 64 bit ALPHA and modern day INTEGRITY class systems.


Malware (Virus and Spyware infections) have become an unpleasant and almost unavoidable part of the modern technology landscape. Particularly for any business using the Windows or Linux operating system platforms. Although it is difficult (If not impossible) to avoid this plague without also sacrificing the availability of many terrific business productivity enhancing tools, it is however practical to eliminate this concern within the server environment that houses your precious business data and applications. In choosing a solution based on OpenVMS you get to have your cake and eat it too, because although your existing Windows personal computers are used to access JCS applications, all business data and applications reside within the protected OpenVMS server environment.


JCS applications are licensed using a convenient fixed rate "Pay as you go" model. The monthly charge (for a typical medium sized business) is around $2000 plus applicable taxes . This charge includes unlimited use of all JCS application modules on a single customer owned server. Furthermore, there are no additional licensing charges for customers wishing to make a second deployment using a backup server. The monthly charge also includes unlimited email technical support, 10 hours per month of I.T. consulting (which may include user training or custom programming) and free JCS application software updates.

We require no minimum contracted customer time commitment. If at any time you are not satisfied with, or no longer wish to use our product, then you can walk away without any further payment obligations.

General Information Technology consulting, support and custom programming services are also available for our clients at favourable hourly rates.

Please contact us by email if you have any questions, or wish to discuss alternative JCS licensing or usage arrangements.