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Rental & Service Billing Overview

The JCS Rental and Service billing module is designed to provide full control over automated repetetive billing of Rental and Service agreements/contracts.

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Summary of Features

  • Can be used for Rental contract billing alone, Service contract billing alone, or billing which combines both Rental and Service on the same contract
  • Online entry, cancellation and adjustment of Rental and Service contracts, permitting automated billings to be generated at desired frequencies including monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • Supports the billing of serial numbered items
  • Supports multiple billing centres
  • Supports combining or separating of rental and service charges on Invoices in multipurpose agreements
  • Permits basic flat rate charges, plus tiered metered volume related charges with available minimums (All, or any of which may be used in combination and can be applicable to both rental and/or service charges)
  • A variety of operational and management reports are available including Contract listings, Contract expiration alerts and a Meter readings checklist
  • Full integration with the JCS Accounts Receivable and General Ledger modules